University studies

University studies

I did my university studies at the universities of Marseilles and Nice.

« Identity inside exile. Clinic with migrant subjects, the question of identity inside the psychoanalysis » .           

Under the supervision of Mr. B. Jacobi (mention « great honour »).

Members of the jury : Mr. B. Jacobi, Mrs. M. Benhaïm, Mr. G. Pommier, Mr. M-.J. Sauret, Mr. O. Douville.

  • Professional Master in clinical psychology & psychoanalysis, 2005 – University of Provence, Aix-Marseille

« Clinical intervention with the psychotic subject ».

Under the supervision of Mr. B. Jacobi.

F. Desplechin. Psychologist Barcelona. University studies. Professional. Phd Doctor in psychology and psychoanalysis.
  • Inverstigation Master (DEA) in clinical psychology, 2001 – University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis

« A case of mystical delirium followed by an ethnopsychoanalytic opening ».

Under the supervision of Mrs. A. Juranville.

  • Master’s degree of clinical psychology, 2000 University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis

« Something in the eye, the gaze into schizophrenia ».

Under the supervision of Mr. J-M. Vives.

  • Dual degree sociology-anthropology & psychology, 1996-2000 – University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis


I am registered as a psychologist in the national directory of health professionals in France (Adeli).

I am also registerd in the Colegio oficial de Psicología de Cataluña (Official College of Psychology of Catalonia).

Registration in Adeli (national directory of health professionals, France): 139 302 830

Registration in the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia : 15593