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F. Desplechin - psychologist - Barcelona - working method & consultations

Psychotherapeutic support

Whether for occasional visits or psychotherapeutic support, my working method refers to psychoanalysis.

People decide to have psychological work for whatever their own reasons are. The clinical encounter, that is, the point at which we meet and talk, evolves to suit each person’s particular history.

This method works on all psychic symptoms (anxieties, phobias, obsessions, psychomatic manifestations, etc.) whose origin finds its roots in the unconscious and in individual subjective history.

A psychologist can also be consulted for a specific reason and or a particular problem, and many times, issues can be resolved with just a few sessions.

In such cases, psychotherapeutic support is a precious asset with which to relieve psychological pain and discomfort. Putting what ails us in to words allows us to better understand the nature of that which affects us and can help modify how we relate to the events we are living.

However, if one willingly associates speaking with relieving pain, the words can go further and invite more in-depth work on the unconscious.


Psychoanalytic work

The psychic work can also lead to question certain repetitions that we suffer. When we have the enigmatic sensation of not being able to overcome certain situations, when we have the impression of repeating identical situations at important moments in our history – or when we have the sensation of being traversed by certain recurring manifestations in couple, friendship or professional relationships.

This approach deals with the existential questions that one may encounter in life, the relationship with loneliness, the question of difficulties in relationships with others, anxiety, as well as creativity and the question of the meaning of what one wants.

Fundamentally, a person who speaks, makes themself. Working things out through words remains the foremost way to elaborate and understand the main ideas which dictate our psychology and lifestyle.

My methodology involves a degree of neutrality and distance that is required in order to ensure optimal conditions for the clinical sessions. However, I am not a silent therapist and the well-being of the one who consults is essential to me and I try to build an environment of confiance so that the person consulting feels comfortable.

I usually receive weekly, for 45 minutes sessions, but this framework remains flexible and can be adapted according to the situation.


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