Professional experience


Private psychologist in Barcelona.

Collaborator of Umbral, psy association, psy network.

F. Desplechin, psychologist Barcelona. Professional experience.




Individual sessions, teamwork.

  • Replacements at the Saint Barnabé clinic, a specialized clinic in addictions and alcoholism treatment. Marseille, 2009.

Individual sessions, group therapy.

  • Psychologist at the Pressensé Hospital (E. Toulouse Hospital, adult psychiatry). Marseille, 2005.

Individual sessions, psychodrama, music listening therapeutic workshop.



  • Psychologist at the Osiris association in a Reception Center for Asylum Seekers (CADA). Marseille, 2010-2016.

Individual sessions ( constulations with interpreters).

  • Psychologist at Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the world) (CASO). Marseille, 2009.   

Setting up of a « psychic suffering listening unit ».

Participation in a national survey on « psychological suffering ».

  • Coordinator of the language department at the IBN Battuta association. Barcelona, ​​2007-2008.



First and second year teaching and supervision of end of study dissertations (Master).

1st year : teaching of the fundamental texts of S. Freud.

2nd year : psychoanalysis after S. Freud until J. Lacan.

Professional formation : « Psychoanalysis lightning for addiction care ».

(Public : doctors, psychologists, nurses, educators, health & medical personnel).

Topics pursued :

The transference, a clinical concept for health & medical professionals.

The lack in addiction : a psychoanalytic conception.

Object-relationship and clinical relationship.

Alcohol as a symbolic object, the case of prohibition in the United States.

  • 2011-2016 : Interventions within the Marseille healthcare network.

Main clinical concepts of psychoanalysis :

The concept of anxiety by J. Lacan.

Psychological care for migrant subject.

Addiction and wandering.

  • 2003 : Lecture course in an amphitheater for the IMF (Mediterranean Institute for Training and Research in Social Work), Marseille.

« The symbolic function of exchange in social interactions (E. Goffman and the Chicago school) ».

F. Desplechin, psychologist Barcelona. Professional experience.


2019 : « Identity challenged by exile », IX Migration Congress, CER-Migrations, UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

2019 : « Place of the Other, identity and symbolic debt », Annual symposium of the Superior School of Psychology, Casablanca.

2017 : « One is not born a man, one becomes one ».

Published in the review : Outre-Terre, 2017/3 (N ° 52).

2016 : « The suffering of the migrant, the disarray of the professional », symposium «The reception of cultural diversity », ANTHEA Association. Aix-en-Provence

2015 : « Transmission and trauma in psychoanalysis », scientific meeting days of IMERA (University research laboratory for anthropologists / psychologists). Marseille.

2014 : « Identity in exile : between the fear of oblivion and the unconscious phantasy of betrayal », symposium « Migrants », 33rd day of the Psychiatric Information Society. Avignon.

Published in the review : L’information psychiatrique, 2015/1, vol. 91.